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Nothing was delivered even though I paid straight away

Well, I ordered a laser from ' Mike Moreno and MedPro Inc '. It says on the website that typical "processing time" takes 2 days max. Well, every day since the date of order, I've been checking the order status under my account on the site and it said "Processing" ever since.

So, I was just thinking maybe they forgot to switch the "status" over to "shipped". So, I tried emailing and calling the number that they have posted at the top right-hand corner of their website, during their posted "open hours" and nobody answered. So, I was then thinking to myself "well, maybe they're just busy or aren’t near the phone." So, I tried again 30 minutes later and still no answer. So, I left them a message telling them who I was and that I had ordered a laser from them and was just simply wanting to check on the status of my order and hung up. I waited 4 days and nobody returned my phone call so I tried calling again, but, I got the same results as before, no answer, just a pre-recorded machine picking up.

I'm getting a little worried about this. So, I will try emailing them at their so-called "support" during the next week and then I will contact BBB and other instances.

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